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A quick walk through the woods never hurt anyone…

Jin gathered her things for traveling in a small bag, and straightened up her side of the room so her sisters couldn’t complain. “Jin…….how long are you going to be gone for?” Asked Tang, her younger sister who was waking up next to their youngest sister, Emiko. “Not very long, you two will barely notice me gone.” She said with a wink, although her sisters can be a pain in the neck, she was going to miss them as well. ” Just make sure you don’t meet a man and leave us forever like Masumi….” Emiko whined as she rubbed her eyes to awake faster. ” She didn’t leave forever Emi! She married some rich man from the middle ring! That’s why we barely see her, don’t worry, no guy would every marry Jin, much less a rich man.” Tang teased her older sister only to receive a pillow to the face. “Watch yourself Tang, now that I am away, you will have to carry your weight around…for once…meaning, you get the main chores. Oh…and stay out of my side of the room, I just got the bed to myself, I don’t need you two’s germs all over it while I am gone…” Jin reminded them with a threading tone to end her warning. ” We’ll see about that…” Tang huffed as she threw the pillow back at her older sister, “Tell Grandma and Grandpa…we say hey….”  Jin’s playful grin turned into a painful smile, ” Of course I will…..” 

Jin had been walking for a good distance, she was heading back to her old village to lay some flowers down. It had been awhile since her family visited the burnt remains of their homeland, that now was letting a forrest grow back, little by little. Every year or so, her family took a trip down from Ba Sing Se, their home, but the gap between trips has been growing each time. Finally, Jin couldn’t take not seeing her favorite place and convinced her parents to let her take a trip on her own. They lived in the lower ring of Ba Sing Se, so over the years, Jin had been forced to grow up. A benefit of being one of eight children, her parents were much more flexible on the matter, but still worried about their third child.

"Now remember Jin…..don’t talk to strangers, don’t stay for to long…." Jin’s mother listed as she packed some food in the girl’s bag. "Mother…..I can handle myself….." Jin whined as she grabbed her bag. "Sure you can…" A sarcastic boy said as she walked into the kitchen. "Denji…..You aren’t helping, besides, you and your three followers love to test my strength every day. I can handle myself," Jin said to her older brother, referring to how their younger brothers follow him around like duckings and attack her as a game. "Watcher you say quirt, but if you aren’t back in five days, I am taking your stuff. I’m going to go work with dad. See ya!" with that kurt goodbye, Denji ran from Jin’s rage. " He makes me so mad! He can’t have my stuff Mo- you okay mom? You don’t look so good…." Jin asked her Mother who was tearing up on her. "Oh… I am fine, just be careful, I don’t want to loose you….and I know your father feels the same way…." She sniffed, pulling her daughter in for a tight hug. "Mom! I can’t breathe, you are over reacting, we have been there and back a thousand times. What could go wrong?" Jin asked, trying to catch a breathe. "Hey Jin…" Denji said as he popped his head bag in the front door. "What?!" She yelled, pushing away from their mother, who was a mess at the moment. "Tell Jet I said hi and that I miss bossing all the kids around from the village…." He said with a solum look on his face. "Of course I will….." she said with a light smile, thinking of her childhood friend, "Anything else you want me to tell him?" Denji thought for a moment before he decided to yank his sister’s chain, "Oh, tell him that Masumi said hi, I am sure he would looooveee that. Remember how he had a crush on her and you got really jealous?!" he laughed, running out the door. "Denji!! I wasn’t jealous! He was my best friend and Masumi loves to steal all of my friends!! GET BACK HERE!!" Jin yelled, chasing her brother out of the house and setting off on her journey. "Be careful sweetie!" yelled Jin’s mother out the door. 

It’s true, Jin had never been on the outside of the city walls, traveling, on her own, but a part of her yearned for adventure and it would not be silenced till it got it’s wish. When Jin arrived at the village, or what remained of it, she said hi to her grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, Jet. She missed them all dearly, she wished the fire nation never took them from her. So far, so good, the trip went fine, she gave her respects and started back without a hitch. 

Now Jin, likes hard work and all, but after so much walking, her legs felt like bricks. She decided to take a short cut on a path that she had never been one, but she was positive that it would knock a couple of hours off her travels. All was well with the world until she noticed a town up ahead of her, she picked up her pace, wanting to shop a bit and grab some tea. She froze when she saw red. Red. On the roofs, the gate, the clothes of the people, everywhere. “Fire Nation…..” Jin whispered as she froze in her tracts, “But how….?” How indeed, she had lived in this area for eight years of her life and visited off and on for the next seven. She came to the conclusion of the village being built between the last visit of her family, two years ago. 

Tears started to build up in the young Earth kingdom girls eye’s, she turned and ran into the surrounding woods, not paying attention to where she was going. It made her upset since it was the fire nation that burned down her village, killing her friends, family and loved ones. What made them think that it was okay to bring their loved ones here and start fresh. Sure, it wasn’t over the site of Jin’s old town, but it was to close for her liking. Her parents and siblings were the only ones to be lucky enough to make in out of the fiery inferno, she couldn’t imagine their reaction to such news. She need to find a quiet place to rest, think and retrace her steps, so she could get back on her original path. She found a moss covered rock that looked perfect for a good sit and cry,  as Jin approached it, her body was lifted from the ground in a tangled mess. She was trapped, in the air and no one was around to find her. 

As Jin swayed in the wind, the earth seemed to blur together and got hazy, then her tears fell to the ground below. Then it hit her, she could be in a trap for the fire nation, her world was falling apart. This couldn’t be happening to her. She had to get out, she called out for help, hoping someone could hear her and help, someone who isn’t fire nation. 

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